AC / DC CommanderTM

Locomotive Command Control Upgrade


The patented (#
7,132,807) AC/DC Commander with SMS* Technologytm is the perfect engine upgrade for those who desire more speed steps than the usual 32.  The  AC/DC Commander is capable of operating in 32 speed step mode for speed profile compatibility with existing engines.  When desired, the  AC/DC Commander can be switched to operate with 100 speed steps.  The low end speed control performance is noticeably improved in this mode of operation.  Even AC motors can be set to "creep" down the rails!

Cool Features:
    Dual AC or DC  motor capability (8 Amps)
    CAB-1tm  selectable 32 (default) or 100 speed steps
    Horn pulse output controls modern-era and post-war horns / whistles
    Directly drives LED's lighting without complex "load" resistor wiring
    On-board micro-controller provides future enhancement capabilities
    Splice-free connections make installation simple and quick
    Heat Sink has "PemNut",
no more stripped heat-sink mounting holes!
    Uses R2LC to be fully compliant with TMCC standards
    Only 2.75" L  x  1.25" W  x  1.2" H

Speed Selection:
  32 speed step activation: AUX1 + 0 + AUX1 + 0 + BRAKE
100 speed step activation: AUX1 + 0 + AUX1 + 0 + BOOST

*SMS - Speed Management System

TMCC, R2LC, CAB-1, and RailSounds are registered trademarks of Lionel LLC
DCS is a registered trademark of MTH, Inc.