Lionel 3444 Cop and Hobo Car
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          Suggested Configuration

          ACC + ## + SET
          AUX1 + 7 + BOOST
          AUX2 + 7 + BOOST
This picture is an overview of the Cop and Hobo Car installation.  The Mini Commander is located in the belly of the car.  AUX1 was chosen to control the operation.  I bent the pins over for connection  of the antenna and CFG/RUN switch for ease of connection; but this is not necessary as there is plenty of depth to conceal them.

In this installation, the key is to keep the inside clear of any wires that interfere with the film drive belt. Secure all wires in the center of the body.   Notice the antenna installation is positioned to fit where the "crates" go.  A piece of electrical tape was used to secure one end the antenna to the vibration motor.  The antenna emerges near the switch, shown below.
The original ON/OFF switch is now used for the CFG/RUN switch. The double stick exposed additionally secures the wires.  The little metal tab that extended below the frame to secure the original wiring is bent to be above the frame and secures the new wiring.
The common for the Mini Commander power connection was soldered to the rivet in the center of the switch (opposite side).  Optionally, common could be soldered to a truck frame.  The common wire was routed through the frame by the vibration motor.