Cruise CommanderTM

Locomotive Command Control Cruise Upgrade


Version 4.1
Tach-less Installation !

The patented (#
7,132,807) Cruise Commander with SMS* Technologytm is a breakthrough cruise control technology, unprecedented in 3-rail "O" Gauge.  With the Cruise Commander you get ultra-slow, constant speed, operation of your locos without complicated installations.

While in operation, velocity information is monitored from the motor directly.  If dual-motored, each motor is balanced to the other, synchronizing the motors for smooth operation. By using high current HEXFET drivers and operating at 20khz PWM on the motors, silent motor operation is attained.  Additionally, lash-ups are possible when the locos are matched using the exclusive "nudge" feature.

Cool Features:
    Simple Tach-Less installation and operation
    Same footprint and wiring as the AC/DC Commander
    High Frequency (20khz) PWM for silent motor operation
    DC motor capability (8 Amps)  (AC version may be available later)
    Operates in command and conventional modes
    CAB-1tm selectable 32 or 100(default) speed steps
    Directly drives LED's lighting without complex "load" resistor wiring
    On-board micro-controller provides future enhancement capabilities
    Splice-free connections make installation simple and quick
    Heat Sink has "PemNut",
no more stripped mounting holes!
    Uses R2LC to be fully compliant with TMCC standards
    Only 2.75" L  x  1.25" W  x  1.2" H

Speed Selection:
  32 speed step activation: AUX1 + 0 + AUX1 + 0 + BRAKE
100 speed step activation: AUX1 + 0 + AUX1 + 0 + BOOST

Cruise Selection:
  Cruise Off: AUX1 + 0 + AUX1 + BRAKE + 7 + BRAKE
  Cruise On: AUX1 + 0 + AUX1 + BRAKE + 9 + BRAKE

*SMS - Speed Management System

TMCC, R2LC, CAB-1, and RailSounds are registered trademarks of Lionel LLC
DCS is a registered trademark of MTH, Inc.