DCS Operation

The Mini Commander series of products may be operated with the DCS remote system available from MTH electric Trains.  The "class", or address type, must be set to ENG, with the ID number between 1 and 99.  Furthermore, at this time the configuration of the Mini Commander must be done with the TMCC Cab-1 Remote.  This guide is applicable to version 2.0C firmware.  Previous to 2.0C, the throttle operation is restricted to 100 speed steps.

After configuration, DCS operation is as follows:


  All outputs are deactivated, then LC1 is activated


  HC-1 output is activated


  HC-1 output is activated


  HC-1 output is activated, LC-2 output Strobe activated


  HC-1 output is activated, LC-2 output is deactivated


  HC-2 output is activated (keypad # 7)

  Keypad # 1 activates LC-2 as a Strobe feature

  Keypad #2 activates LC-1 (LC-1 is active at power on)

  Keypad #5 deactivates LC-1

  Keypad # 3 activates LC-2 as Steady on

  Keypad #6 deactivates LC-2


  AX0 + AX0 + BRAKE


  AX0 + AX0 + BOOST
 NOTE:   Soft-key AX9 operates slightly different in that it will continuously send the AUX1+9 sequence for as long as it is pressed.  Do not use Speed Step100 in DCS.

DCS is a registered trademark of MTH, Inc.