Lionel 164 Log Loader
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The Log loader is an ideal candidate for the Mini Commander. The log loader has 3 controllable features, the lights, the drive motor, and the dump motor. Mounting the Mini Commander is simple, as there is plenty of space to attach the Mini Commander under the base.

One thing you will need to decide is if you will use the supplied CFG/RUN switch or  shorting jumper. If your log loader is mounted to the layout, it would be best to use the supplied switch. Since there is no simple place to mount the switch, you can attach the switch to the side of the log loader with the double stick tape or optionally under the platform. Although the use of Soft Set will allow configuration changes without the CFG/RUN switch, if you forget the ID you will need to place the jumper on or use the switch.

Note: The CFG/RUN switch contacts are open for RUN, and closed for CFG.

WARNING: If you plug the switch connector or shorting jumper into the wrong pins, your Mini Commander will be irreparably damaged!!  Only connect to P1 pins 1 & 2.

Connect the LC1, HC1, and HC2 outputs to the log loader as shown in the above diagram.  Attach the power wires to the Log Loader from an  accessory output of your power transformer or use a Lock-Ontm to draw power from the track.  Double check the connections and then proceed to checkout.

Set the CFG/RUN to RUN (open), or remove the shorting jumper.  Slowly apply accessory power, the illumination lamps should light up. If this fails, turn off the power and double check the connections!

Press ACC + 1 and then AUX1. This should cause the drive motor to pulse on briefly.
Press AUX2, this should do a partial dump motor activation.

Finish the checkout by verifying the control of the Illumination lamps, with #4 turning it off, and #1 turning it back on.

Program the log loader motors by entering configuration mode.  You may use Soft Set to enter configuration mode.  This is done by pressing ACC + 1 , then SET key 5 times.  If you choose to operate the CFG/RUN switch, set it to CFG (closed).  Or if using the shorting jumper, attach the jumper to P1 pins 1&2.  If you use Soft Set, you do not need to cycle power, otherwise you must power off the unit when closing the switch or adding the jumper.  Wait at least 5 seconds with the power off before reapplying the power.

Configuration mode confirmation is indicated by the flashing of the interior illumination lamps.  If this is not the case, try the sequence for Soft Set entry again or power cycle while waiting a minimum of 5 seconds.

At this time you can change the accessory ID and the class (engine or accessory). Simply press ENG or ACC then the number you wish to assign(1..99) and press "SET".  We strongly recommend you press ACC for accessory.

Press AUX1 (to program HC1 where the drive motor is attached); then 4 (8v), then BOOST.   Press AUX2 (to program HC2 where the dump motor is attached); then 8 (16v), then BRAKE, then 3 (for a 0.75 second pulse length).  

If you used Soft Set to enter configuration mode, simply wait 5 to 6 seconds without any key presses , and Soft Set will exit automatically.  If using the switch or jumper; power off, open the switch or remove the jumper, and wait for a minimum of 5 seconds before reapplying power.  The illumination lamps will glow steadily confirming exit of configuration mode.

ACC + ## + SET
AUX1 + 4 + BOOST
AUX2 + 8 + BRAKE + 3

When finished configuration, the accessory will be addressable from the class (ENG or ACC); and the number assigned. Validate the lights are still functional as before by pressing the light control buttons - number 1 to turn on and number 4 to turn off. Pressing AUX1 will now activate the drive motor with each press of AUX1, toggling  the motor state on and off. Pressing Aux2 will perform a solid dump motor activation. 

If you wish a faster drive motor speed, repeat the configuration steps and use
a larger voltage number on the AUX1 configuration sequence.