Configuration Concepts Guide

Entering the Configuration Mode:
To place the Commander into the configuration mode, either switch the configure / run switch to "Configure" or use the Soft Set™
sequence.  After configuration is complete, if applicable, return the switch to the "Run" position.

Configuring the Outputs:
Plan your keypad sequence in advance, and you will have ample time to configure the Mini Commander. Once you master the Soft Set capability, we believe you will tend to use it to do configuration.

When configuring the Mini Commander, the sequence of keys pressed determines the voltages and pulses (or levels) applied to the outputs HC1 and HC2.

Configuration of the Mini Commander consists of setting the “Class” (ACC or ENG), the ID (1 - 99), and the voltage and pulse durations.

ACC (Accessory) or ENG (Engine) sets Device CLASS  +  Number sets Device ID

When you are in the configuration mode, the key presses instruct the Mini Commander’s microprocessor to store your selections.  Prior to pressing the “SET” key, the Class and ID must be pressed.  If you start the configuration by using ACC (Accessory) class, the Mini Commander will respond to ACC commands.  If you start ENG (Engine) it will respond to ENG commands.

Once you have pressed the “SET” key, the Class and ID are stored into non-volatile storage for operating mode.  Next the outputs selections are optionally configured.

 AUX-1 (HC-1 output)  +  Number sets it's Voltage
 AUX-2 (HC-2 output)  +  Number sets it's Voltage
 BOOST sets selected Output mode to Toggle
 BRAKE sets selected Output mode to Pulse  +   Number sets Length 

To configure the outputs HC1 and HC2, controlled by AUX1 and AUX2 respectively, first press AUX1 or AUX2.  This instructs the Mini Commander to receive and store the next sequence you enter for HC1 or HC2. The Voltage is the first parameter to set, so press 1 to 9 next.  The number pressed is multiplied by 2 and stored to configure a setting of approximately 2v to 18v on the output when activated. The voltage table below is based on 18v to 20v as the supply voltage.

 Key Press   Voltage Output 
2 4
3 6
4 8
5 10
6            12 (default)
7 14
8 16
9 18

Then the Mode is set by the BOOST (Toggle) or BRAKE (Pulse) key. When operating in toggle mode, the output toggles to the opposite state that it was in, thus "on" toggles to "off"; and "off" toggles to "on".

If BRAKE (Pulse) was pressed, you must enter a number from 1 to 8 next.  This number is multiplied by 0.25 second to set the output pulse length.  This yields a pulse minimum length of 0.25 second to a maximum length of 2.0 seconds.

 Key Press   Length in Seconds 
1             0.25 (default)
2 0.50
3 0.75
4 1.00
5 1.25
6 1.50
7 1.75
8 2.00

While this may seem complex at first glance, if you make a mistake it is easy to recover.  Simply press “SET” at any time during the sequence and the configuration is reset and ready receive the voltage and pulse selections again from the beginning of the AUX key sequence.

When selecting the pulse length to operate your Mini Commander, keep this in mind: the keypad is sampled by the Mini commander about every 0.5 second.  So if you hold down the activation key (AUX1 or AUX2); the output will be re-triggered every half second.  Therefore, If you configure the pulse length 0.5 second or more; the output will stay on as long as you hold the activation button.  Normally you will not hold down the AUX1 or AUX2 key longer than 0.5 second, so the pulse will be as configured.  To operate an accessory as long as you hold down the activation key, simply configure a pulse of 0.5 or 0.75 second.

Example configuration sequence:

Example 1:

ACC + 22 + SET   (sets the Mini Commander to be Accessory number 22)

AUX1 + 4 + BRAKE + 2    (sets the HC-1 output Voltage to 8 volts Pulse of 0.5 sec.)

AUX2 + 6 + BOOST     (sets The HC-2 output voltage to 12 volts and the Toggle Mode)

On ACC 22, AUX1 will deliver a one second pulse on HC1 at 8v when pressed.  AUX2 will deliver a 12v level on HC2 that will toggle state on each press of the AUX2 key.