Lionel Sawmill
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           Suggested Configuration

          ACC + ## + SET
          AUX1 + 4 + BOOST
          AUX2 + 4 + BOOST

Overview of the Saw mill installation.  The mini commander is located under the right platform where height is ample.  The original fahnestock clips for the power are disconnected from the vibration motor.  These are then routed into the Mini Commander power connection.  The supplied wire for the HC1 output then is connected to the motor. 
The back panel is soft plastic, and I carved out an opening on the top to accept the Configure/Run switch.  The switch is supplied, but you will need to extend the wires from the switch to reach the Mini Commander.  The use of the Cfg/Run switch is recommended because it is possible to be required on programming, as the Soft Set sequence works only if you know the accessory ID.
The antenna is hot glued to the platform top, here you can see the connector hanging down that connects to the Mini commander.  The antenna is optional, but if room permits it is wise to add.  I added a lamp into the unloading platform, and you can see the wires taped to stay clear of the belt and pulley.  I felt it added a nice touch, and it serves as feedback in Soft Set mode (flashes).   Enjoy customizing, add more lighting or a strobe to flash in operation (connect to LC-2).