Soft Set Technologytm

The Mini Commander series of products feature Soft Set Technology.  Soft Set is a way to configure the Mini Commander without using jumpers or switches.  While a configure / run switch is supported, and at times necessary, usually Soft Set Technology will be the preferred method for configuration.  The configuration sequence will be entered the same no matter how the configuration mode is entered.

To enter Soft Set, you must know the current ID of your Mini Commander.  When shipped, the setting is accessory (ACC) one (1).  Enter Soft Set by pressing the Mini Commanders current Class (ACC or ENG) + ##  (the current Mini Commander ID) and then the "SET" key 5 times minimum, with a one second pause between presses

When a lamp is connected to the Mini Commander on LC1, it will start to flash. If the device attached to the Mini Commander is running, it will stop. This is your feedback that you have entered Soft Set Technology mode. Typically 5 presses of "SET" will be sufficient, but if you have no lamp on LC1 for feedback, simply pressing "SET" a few extra times will insure you have indeed entered Soft Set.

Class (ACC or ENG) + Number (ID) + SET + SET+ SET+ SET+ SET (+ SET + SET + SET)

To leave Soft Set, you must not press any CAB-1 key for six (6) seconds.  This also means while in Soft Set, a configuration sequence key press is needed within six (6) seconds to keep the Mini Commander in configure mode.  Plan your keypad sequence in advance, and you will have ample time to configure the Mini Commander.  Once you master the Soft Set capability, we believe you will tend to use it exclusively to do configuration.

When entering into configuration mode, all configuration options are reset to default.  Each output will need to be configured for their desired operation.  This configuration information is stored until the the configuration sequence is run again.

In many examples shown here, the configuration sequence will be entered for AUX1 and AUX2, even though both outputs may not be connected.  This is due to the variations in the operation in the newer CAB-1 models!  Some versions of the CAB-1 will not shift the keypad for sending numbers without having AUX1 pressed somewhere in the sequence.  When this happens, the AUX2 configuration information is not sent.  Always program AUX1 first, then AUX2 to be sure the CAB-1 sends the AUX2 configuration data.