TECHNICAL   BULLETIN                 #TB-BC02

Products Affected


Effective date

Beep Commander (Beep installs ONLY)






The Beep Commander, only when installed in Beeps, may exhibit erratic behavior as follows:
  - Conventional: When traveling in reverse, direction may suddenly switch to forward.
  - Command Mode: When traveling the Beep may suddenly stop.

The Antenna is constructed by using the weights on the Beep chassis.  It has been found that debris, magnetic in nature, may collect between the weights and the motors.  Since there is a small gap, this tends to create connectivity between the weights and the motor casings.  Since the motor case is track common, the antenna is intermittently shorted to track common which is undesirable and causes the erratic behavior.

Disconnect the antenna wire going to the chassis weights and request an extension antenna from The Electric Railroad Company via email at: SUPPORT.   This antenna simply plugs into the connector pin shown in the picture below, and may be mounted by electrical tape, double stick tape, or hot glued to the Beep shell roof on the long hood side.  All new kits will contain the extension antenna.