TECHNICAL   BULLETIN                 #TB-CMDR01

Products Affected


Effective date

Beep Commander (32/100 speed steps)

Vers 1 only


  AC/DC Commander



The Beep and AC/DC Commanders may be used to control the latest Lionel Sound card.  The control signal is output on the Beep and AC/DC Commanders on pin 3 of the RailSounds connector.  This pin is normally not connected (floating) in the TMCC environment.  Soldering is required on the Sound Board, and care must be taken as to not damage the surface mount parts when making the connection.

Upgrades for command control using The Electric Railroad Company products to control this horn may be done by reviewing the photo below.  Use extreme care not to damage the sound card; surface mount components are easily dislodged. 
Proceed at your own risk!  The Electric Railroad Company does not warranty this modification, and any damage done by making this modification is the sole responsibility of the user.

Identified Locos (conventional):
Dockside switcher, Thomas & Percy, SD-60 MAC.