TECHNICAL   BULLETIN              #TB-HC02

Products Affected


Effective date

Mini Commander HC






The Mini Commander HC was designed to “pick” the high current coil in the Lionel Operating Milk CarThe Mini Commander HC originally supported one Ultra High Current output supported on the HC-2 output connector.  On this version of the product, the HC-1 was not available.

Change Implemented:
Effective immediately, the Mini Commander HC v2 replaces the original Mini HC.  The ultra high current output is moved to HC-1, and HC-2 is also available with the same parametric data as the Mini ACC HC-2 output.

Moving the ultra high current output to HC-1 facilitates DCS operators.  Additionally, the HC-2 output can be used to operate a coil coupler.  NOTE: when using the coil coupler on the milk car, the common return must be attached to the truck with the coil coupler, or sporadic firing of the coupler may occur.

For additional information, please contact The Electric Railroad Company for support (SUPPORT).