Mini Commander ACC Connections and Outputs

Mini Commander ACC operating in standard mode
This configuration is the most typical operation of the Mini Commander ACC.  Lighting is driven from the LC-1 and LC-2 outputs.  LC-2 will support a strobe feature.   HC-1 and HC-2 will drive vibration motors or can motors in one direction.  Typical applications include Log Loaders, Saw Mills, Milk Cars, Cabooses.


Mini Commander ACC driving one bi-directional motor on LC1 / LC2
This mode of operation is great for applications that require a single bi-directional motor, yet have a solenoid to operate as well.  Typical applications are Coal Loaders and Turntables.  The operation is controlled by the Boost/Brake or Throttle/Dir keys, your choice.  All of the configure-ability still exists on HC-1 and HC-2, so you can set the optimum voltage and pulse length for operation of solenoids.
 * this mode requires firmware v08 or greater


Mini Commander ACC driving two bi-directional motors on
 LC1 / LC2 and HC1 / HC2
When two bi-directional motors are needed, this mode will used.  The Throttle knob operates the selected motion proportionally.  Pressing DIR will select the throttle to drive the LC-1 and LC-2 outputs.  Pressing Boost/Brake will select the throttle to drive the HC-1 and HC-2 outputs.  The last selection for LC-1 and LC-2 (controlled by pressing DIR) is remembered after pressing Boost/Brake motion.  Pressing DIR twice after Boost/Brake, will reverse the drive signals on LC-1 and LC-2.

When used in a crane, the AUX-1 key (was HC-1) drive signals are output to the P1 connector on pin 4.  This allows connection to a bucket / electro-magnet driver, which is supplied as part of the Crane Commander Kit.

In addition to all these features, a "JOG" down is supported on the hook.  Ever notice how the hook creeps up/down when the boom turns?  The jog feature keeps the hook from jamming against the boom.  The jog operates even while the crane is rotating, thus no stopping to re-position the hook is required.  The jog feature is configurable, and activated by the AUX-2 key.
 * this mode requires firmware v0C or greater


Mini Commander ACC supporting two bi-directional motors with external driver
This mode is for motors that are high current or require special consideration (ie: high inductance).  The wiring diagram is available here.