ERR by 3rd Rail

 Welcome Our Valued ERR and 3rd Rail Customers and Dealers:

We at Sunset Models / 3rd Rail is  licensed by Lionel LLC. to produce, sell and support a line of ERR products as of May 15, 2018. We call this line of products "ERR by 3rd Rail".

All orders will be billed by and fulfilled by Sunset Models Inc. / 3rd Rail. (ERR by 3rd Rail). You can now order from our stock. Click on "SHOP NOW" on the left.

Warranty Policy:  is 90 days from date of purchase. All Kits have been tested for defects before they are packaged. If parts are damaged by installation errors, shorted components, burnt components, the exchange policy as of 01-01-2024 is $70 / board + $20 S&H, during the warranty period. If you have a Cruise Commander and R4LC board, that counts as 2 board or $140 + $20 S&H. These boards cannot be repaired. We require that you mail in your damaged board after the exchange is made. After 90 days there is no exchange service. You would need to order a new kit. So be careful with your instalation. It only takes a split second and the boards can be damaged.

Again: We test the fuctions of all boards before we pack.

Latest News: AS OF 3/19/2024:
Mini Commanders are sold out and cannot be produced again. The RF Chip is not in production and is no longer available in the open market.

Cruise M Commanders Are In Stock.  The rest of our Line of Commanders and Kits are still in stock. Prices have been updated to reflect the new costs. 

All these kits and accessories can be purchased using the SHOP NOW link to the left. You can also review the sounds of the Sound Commanders at the same link.

Prices Can Change:  As costs fluctuate in producing these boards, prices may change without notice. We will do our best to keep prices reasonable.

We look forward to serving you in your hobby needs with these fine electronics products.

Future Availability: You never know when an important component is discontinued by the component manufacturer. If this happens it can delay or cause the product line to be discontinued.

HEED THIS WARNING: If you think you will need some more of these kits in the future, order them now. Have extras and spares. For now, we don't see any issues going forward, and we will try our best to stock any parts that we are warned about. But sometimes it just happens without warning.

We will update this web site as more information becomes available. For now, Happy Railroading.

Scott Mann - CEO Sunset Models Inc.


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