Pictures Submitted from our Mini Commander users

Installation of the "Beep Commander" in a Speeder, courtesy of Ken Purzycki. The front and rear cowlings were modified with a Dremel tool so the wiring was easily hidden. Kudos to Ken for a steady hand, and a great installation!


Installation in a Helicopter car.  Launch your Helicopter anywhere on the layout!  Simply press a key on your remote and spool up the rotor and launch!  Fantastic play value for the young, and young at heart!


Installation in a Signalman boxcar.  This is a great application of the Mini commander, and the ability to trigger the action of the Signalman is fantastic, no longer being confined to spotting over an operating track to signal all clear!.


A Lionel milk car installation.  The voltage configuration on the Mini Commander allows for perfect delivery!  The AUX2 key triggers the action, and since the Mini Commander re-triggers, simply holding down the AUX2 key delivers one milk can sequentially every second!


This is the Mini Commander installed in a PWC Aquarium Car.  Very ingenious installation using the original on/off switch to mount the Mini Commander as well as select the configure / run mode.  Lighting and motion controlled remotely by the press of a button!  Kids love it!


Rotary Snow Plow installation showing the Mini Commander operating the rotary motor and lighting.  The use of "sticky keys" feature on the CAB allows operation of the plow as an ACC while operation of the Engine is still easily controlled by the throttle and direction keys. 


Atlas "O" turntable installation  The Mini commander fits in the shed and gets power from the track.  Boost and Brake or Throttle will operate the table, positioning to the exact spot for ingress and egress.