Presenting The PRR Q-1 Duplex 4-6-4-4
The Most Collectible PRR Engine we have ever built!
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PRR Q-1 America's First Freight Duplex

The 1942-built Q1 was the PRR's first freight Duplex prototype. It was built with huge  77" drivers and streamlining.

One of the handsomest streamlined engines built at that time. The rear pair of cylinders were uniquely mounted alongside the firebox, driving the rear two pairs of drivers in what looks like, reverse; this is one of most unique features of the Q-1..

PRR Q-1 Late In 1945

The  Q-1 was partially destreamlined. The nosecone and side skirting were removed, although the skyline casing was retained. The Q1 remained in this form until the end of it's service.  It was an even more exciting locomotive with all its moving parts out for all to see and admire.. The Q-1 had one of the highest horsepower ratings of any steam engine of it's time.

Details - Details - Details


  • Opening Cab Roof Vent
  • Opening Turret Hatch
  • Opening Tender Water Hatch
  • Real Coal In Tender
  • Scale Rivet Size
  • Hundreds of Lost Wax Casting Details

  • Scale Side Rod Cross Sections
  • Coined Brass Wheel Centers
  • Carbon Steel Tires and Flanges
  • 4mm Steel Axles Sprung in Bronze Journals
The huge 77" drivers of the Q-1 give it a passenger locomotive appearance when in reality it primarily pulled freight. The dynamics of the complete and scale accurate valve gear are a joy to watch. Fully detailed underskirt piping and tanks add to the realism. The trailing truck is complete with sprung axles and are prototypical in size and details. 

Notice the Huge 77" Drivers
Backwards cylinders in the rear

PRR Q-1 Late (Unskirted)

Features for 3 Rail Operation

  • Lionel TMCC with Railsounds with Coil Coupler

  • Synchronized Smoke Unit with TMCC or Conventional Operation (Great Smoker)

  • 072 Track Compatible

Another First for O Scale

Never before produced in 2 or 3 Rail O Scale the PRR Q-1 is a must for any collector or operator. Coming in August 2003 for $1499.95. Buy both versions and save $200. 

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Notice the Unskirted Q-1 Details

Unskirted Q-1 Tender
Dog House with Scale Hand Rails
Scale Size Rear Ladder

Notice the Screen Under the Hatch

Features for 2 and 3 Rail

  • Pittman 9000 Series Motor w/flywheel
  • "Quiet Drive" Mechanism
  • Poly Carbon Fiber Belt Drive
  • Ball Bearing Gearboxes (Two)
  • Steel Worm and Bronze Axle Gear
  • Precision Milled Brass Frame
  • Prototypically Sprung Drivers
  • All Steel Wheels and Tires
  • 3D Lost Wax Castings Throughout
  • Separately Applied Details
  • Scale Dimensions Throughout
  • Engineer and Fireman Figures
  • Glazing in Cab Windows
  • Rubber Tired Rear Driver (3 Rail)
  • Fireman Deck cab Apron
  • Scale Coal Doors on Tender
  • Water Scoop on Bottom of Tender
  • Prototypical Painting and Lettering
  • Directional Lighting
  • Lighted Market and Classification Lights


Quantities Limited
75 each version in 3 Rail
50 each version in 2 Rail



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